Brown Rice Café

The Brown Rice Café is a haven for vegetarians, vegans, organic food lovers and everyone who seeks for a pleasant place to relax after exhausting shopping excesses at Omotesandô, Harajuku or Aoyama. Just around the corner of Omotesandô station offers seats outside in their quiet and shadowly patio (and sitting outside without a street with lots of traffic right in front of you is quite rare here)or inside the nice and light-coloured café. Written on the wall you can find the motto of the kitchen: "Nothing added. Nothing taken away." What you get here is healthy, natural food as its best - and all vegan. I had a great set with a miso-vegetable-soup, tempeh that was supposed to be wrapped in the lettuce on which it was bedded and eaten with the homemade miso (extremly delicious!)and (of course) brown rice. All that for 1000 yen, nothing to complain about! Very nice was also the freshly made and unsweetend soymilk that came with a little cookie which reminds me that there also was an associated bakery in the front building.
This definitly is a place to fill up with veggie food and new energy for the craziness of the area surrounding this friendly restaurant.
By the way: they also have an English menu and my food was served by a waitress who spoke perfect English. So this place is very convenient for all non-Japanese-speakers out there, too.

Brown Rice Café
5-1-17 Jingumae
Close to Omotesandô St, Exit A1
Open daily until 9pm


Melanie said...

Thank you for putting together this blog. I am going to be in Tokyo this summer (June and July). Please keep up the good work. I love the pictures!

coredump said...

The Hiroba ( is just on the other side of the street, so if the queue is too long for the Brown Rice Café, you just can the lunch buffet there.

I got a "daily set", which was about 1300 Yen, which included a soup, tofu with tomato sauce, a fried potato, some salad, and a drink. A light-weight lunch, perfect for a shopping break ;)

As dessert, we just took some of the little tartes - you can easily identify what you like with the English menu that comes with pictures. They were very sweet and very fine, you can buy some of them in the attached store.

The vegetarian burger was very good, too, but the price (1400 Yen) was a bit too high, as you could easily eat 2 or 3 of them.